The Beer Archives: O’so English Mild, March 2016

This falls outside of my normal style. I had access to some clipart and some time with Photoshop and voila. It’s a nice change of pace.

She looks pissed, doesn’t she? Like somewhere just off-camera a dog is piddling on her favorite violets.

The Beer Archives: Door County Sideshow, February 2016

The name of this beer did half the work for me. Maybe more. All in all, I like it. I’m not too pleased with the text handling in the beer price banners in the corners, but that’s hardly the kind of concern that’s going to keep me up at night.

The Beer Archives: New Glarus Belgian Red, January 2016


Another January, another Belgian Red special. I really tried to spoon-feed the people with this one. Cherries! Wheat! Barley! Hops! You understand that this will taste like cherries, dontcha folks? No? Dammit.

I don’t much like the snifter clipart and the use of Bodoni for the price doesn’t work all that well. Otherwise it’s fine. Kind of dull, but fine.

The Beer Archives: Oscar’s Stout, December 2015

And hello, here we go again. Here’s a holiday flashback to four years ago. It was inspired by the packaging of 1960s toys. A chemistry set or something, I think. The original version was designed without a holiday motif, and looked like this:

I like the limited palette better. Adding the colors and snowflakes and such was a bridge too far. Damn.

The Beer Archives: Central Waters Sláinte, November 2015

I don’t have much to say about this. I was mostly just arranging text in what struck me as a pleasing configuration. And there’s plaid, of course. We can’t have a Scottish ale without plaid. Apparently I went a bit too far on my first attempt…


The above looked a bit too much like a Celtic Chippendales revue, so I pulled back. Not that version number one wasn’t without its fans, of course.

The Beer Archives: Two Beers! Count ’em! Two!

Hmmm… what the hell happened here? Did we double-book our beers this month? Whatever the case, here’s this… thing. It’s orange because of October and pumpkins and Halloween and whatnot. I think I was going for kind of a playing card thing. Maybe I should’ve flipped the bottom half upside-down. Would that have confused people? Probably.

Remember when I was looking for pumpkin artwork and I stumbled across the “lost” design for Lakefront’s Pumpkin Lager? This was the sign I was working on. I do like the pumpkin on this one better.

The Beer Archives: Staghorn Octoberfest, September 2015

Staghorn! Again! A September tradition since 2007. I like this one. I broke with the my own personal tradition of depicting a beer server in a dirndl and switched over to lederhosen, because I believe in equal-opportunity ethnic clothing. I also like the little German fella with the truly heroic mustache. I have no complaints with myself on this one, which is a rare treat indeed.

The Beer Archives: Lakefront Belgian White, August 2015


Well, this is something. I’d recently rewatched The Big Lebowski before I worked on this, so… bowling. Yep. That’s about it.

I saw The Big Lebowski in a now-defunct movie theater back in 1998. At the time it was considered by critics to be one of the Coen bothers’ lesser works, and something of a letdown after Fargo.  I thought it was great. I’m glad to have been proven right by history. That rarely happens.

The Beer Archives: New Glarus Totally Naked, July 2015

Yes, we’ve skipped over June 2015. Why? It was a new Lake Louie beer, and they wanted the sign to look just like the label. I did no design work save adding the price. And no one wants to see that, so here we are in July and yet another New Glarus Totally Naked design. I was told soon after this appeared that our spokesperson looked like Pippi Longstocking, which I found disturbing. I still do, so let’s not dwell on this forgettable design.

The Beer Archives: Hinterland Saison, May 2015

Try to work "coq hardi" into conversation today

Bold and simple, as it should be. Does Hinterland still make this? Yes, it looks like they do. How marvelous.

Fun fact! My great-great-grandfather hailed from Belgium. Johannes Baptiste Bardouche was his handle. Hell of a name.