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The Beer Archives: 3 Sheeps Cirque du Wit, October 2014


I distinctly recall being a bit baffled by this choice of beer. I mean, it’s seasonally inappropriate, right? Wheats should be consumed in summer. This is October. What do I do with a wheat beer in October? Add scary clowns, of course. And here we are.

This┬ástarted as an homage to the┬áSaul Bass “One, Two, Three” poster, then quickly spun into a different sort of lunacy. It’s busy and weird and soiled and I like it.


The Beer Archives: 3 Sheeps Rebel Kent the First


I didn’t know what to do, so I made it look like a novelty ad from old comic books.

It’s… y’know, it’s fine. The color isn’t bad. I like the texture. I’m not sure if the description is accurate, though… when you look up Rebel Kent the web blurb says nothing of dry hopping. And a malty Belgian-style amber isn’t really something you’d dry hop anyway… well, apologies to 3 Sheeps. The next time their beer pops up here it will have a much better design. Trust me.