The Lost Design: Lakefront Pumpkin, November 2011


You may recall that I couldn’t find the beer design from November 2011 a few months back. Or maybe not. Regardless, I was just working on a pumpkin-themed design and thought to myself, “Didn’t I do some sort of minimalist pumpkin beer piece a while back? Something with a pumpkin I could steal?” A little digging through poorly organized files, and voilà: Lakefront Pumpkin Lager from 2011. It bothers me to no end that it’s presented out of chronological order, but that’s really my mental burden to bear.

This evolved from a longstanding desire to simply put “BEER: $2.50” in Helvetica on a white background and see what would happen. I doubt that it would go over well with management, so instead we have this somewhat stripped-down design. I was tempted to omit the name of the beer entirely, but ultimately decided to plug it in. I like the parentheses, though.

This isn’t bad, though the type could use some tweaking. And for the curious, I did not end up stealing this pumpkin for the new design I was screwing with. The new one is better. I think.


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