The Beer Archives: Staghorn Octoberfest, September 2014


I like this. I really do. If there’s any flaw at all it’s the gap between the “approved” seal in the upper left and the word “New,” but if that’s all I’m bitching about then we’re in pretty good shape.

I’d been looking at the book Bat-Manga! The Secret History of Batman in Japan. The Japanese dialogue in the word bubbles had been replaced by an English translation, and there was just something about the look that struck me as funny. So I decided to do that here, but with German. After all, there is no sweeter sound that the German language, right?

I believe the exchange goes something like this:

“I have a great thirst.”

“I have the solution to your problem!”

“Please tell me your answer.”

“Beverages at a very reasonable price!”

Something like that, anyway. Google did it for me. I understand that servers were asked by their customers to translate. Suckers.


The Beer Archives: Lakefront Extended Play, August 2014


So here’s how this works: There’s a new beer special each month. Printing of signs takes a handful of days, at least. This means that I need to have a design finished a good week or so out from the start of a new month. So if you notice a particularly half-assed design, it more than likely means that I was under the gun. And so it was with this guy here.

This piece was conceived, sketched, and designed in the span of about two hours on July 31, 2014.  I can’t remember why I was so behind the eight ball, but I vividly recall the frantic process by which this came to life. I consumed equal parts coffee and beer while sketching the thing up, then sucked down a gallon or so of iced coffee while hunched over my laptop at a nearby coffeeshop with decent wifi. There may have been other chemicals involved as well. It’s not good, but there is sort of a lunatic jittery quality that comes through. It still gives me the shakes.

Anyway. Sorry, Lakefront. Sorry, printing company. Sorry, everybody. It won’t happen again. (Yes it will.)

The Beer Archives: New Glarus Totally Naked, July 2014


Another July, another 31 days of New Glarus Totally Naked at a special price. I wrapped up the 2016 version not that long ago, and I like it better than this one. But we’ll just have to wait on that.

So here’s another design inspired by old pulp covers. It’s not great, and certainly not as good as the 2013 offering. The color is fine, I guess, but the typeface mix is pretty meh. Still, this is better than what came around the following month. Just wait for that pile of garbage. Hoo, boy.

The Beer Archives: Furthermore Viking Afternoon, June 2014


Holy damn, a design I actually like! This one was fun, as our Norse friend indicates. I borrowed the colors from the beer’s label, and then went back to the Saul Bass well for inspiration. Eagle-eyed viewers thought they detected a hat tip to South Park’s depiction of Canadians, but this was unintentional. More eagle-eyed viewers correctly noted an homage to Elmer Fudd’s Siegfried in the classic “What’s Opera, Doc?” Bugs Bunny cartoon.

The Beer Archives: Port Huron Honey Blonde, May 2014


Barely adequate and utterly uninspiring. I count three different typefaces for no good reason. I was really into the art deco type for a while, but this was well after I’d extricated myself from that phase. So who knows what the hell I was thinking.

Miss Clipart up in the corner is clearly a brunette, too. Damn, I really blew it here. Another month, another fresh set of apologies.

The Beer Archives: Central Waters Ouisconsing, April 2014


Oh god. I think I just threw up. This is revolting.

I think I pretty much swiped this from some other vintage sign… popcorn or something? Whatever it was, my Catholic guilt is kicking in. The texture was meant to look like an old metal sign, but it actually looks like mold and mildew. Cue the Scrubbing Bubbles.

The Beer Archives: Hinterland White Cap, March 2014


Screwing around with typefaces, really. It sort of came out looking like a vintage travel poster, which was sort of a happy accident. I’m not happy with the pint glass, but it could be worse. I think the next couple of months are worse. Hold on, let me check… yup, they’re worse. So there’s that to look forward to.