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The Beer Archives: Potosi Holiday Bock, December 2014


So… here’s the thing about this. My original design for this beer was deemed a bit much for a family crowd. I was “working blue,” apparently. In truth, I was just being lazy and the female silhouette I utilized was better suited to a trucker’s mudflaps. So this was my replacement, and it’s better. Frosty has an implacable expression that I admire and often attempt to emulate without success.

While there are varying explanations as to the origins of the term “working blue,” my 1960 copy of the Dictionary of American Slang (compiled and edited by Wentworth and Flexner, bless ’em) suggests that the connection with lewdness may arise from the fact that “the color of blue is associated with burning brimstone.” Seems as good an explanation as any.


The Beer Archives: Potosi Miner’s Doppelbock, December 2013


Where the hell did this come from? Usually I can recall the process that goes into these things, but this one escapes me. I seem to remember struggling mightily with a different design and then stumbling onto this more of less by accident. And I want to say that I swiped some of it from an old art deco coffee ad… maybe? Something about the way that the color of the foam matches the color of the title backdrop, and the layout of the blocky elements…

Ah, hell, I dunno. I rather like it, though. The colors are seasonal enough without being too Chirstmasy. It’s sure a hell of a lot better than the previous December design, that’s for damn sure.

That wraps up 2013. Not terrible, I suppose? It had its ups and downs in terms of beer designs, but no utter disasters. Well, one. Let’s move on.