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The Beer Archives: Pearl Street Java Lava, November 2014


It’s a coffee stout, so I took the path of least resistance and based this on some old coffee packaging I found. It’s fine-ish. The warping effect on the prices is pretty piss-poor. The pint glass seems a bit too small in proportion to the offscreen fellow’s hand. I think I used the phrase, “In all the world…” some other time before. The coffee stain effect may have been a bit much, as it prompted some bar patrons to try to wipe the signs down.

On second thought, this blows.


The Beer Archives: Pearl Street El Hefe


Now this fella right here is inspired by advertisements that one might have found in old issues of Popular Mechanics. The design has nothing in particular to do with Pearl Street’s Hefeweizen, but it’s too late to do anything about that. The gentleman in the upper right corner is rather rough, and I would have preferred to have another go at that element. Overall, though, I like the whole thing… especially the language. The phrase “a man of science” still makes me laugh for some stupid reason. I was tempted to refer to him as a “scientician,” but chose better of it.