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The Beer Archives: Capital Grateful Red, April 2015


I hate this. I hate the Grateful Dead, I hate tie-dyed bullshit, I hate those fucking dancing bears, I hate all the lazy-ass 60s hippie cliches. So I had no inspiration for this one, I froze up, and I crapped this garbage out in a rush. Sorry, Capital Brewery.


The Beer Archives: O’so Hopdinger, October 2009


This. Just. Sucks. This may be my most loathed design ever, which is a shame, because O’so Brewing deserves better. Nice people. The Hopdinger itself is a fine pale ale with an ABV of 5.4%. I should probably go buy some to make amends for this terrible thing.

I can’t even begin to explain what I was thinking. Clearly there’s an attempt to make this look like a vintage greeting card, but Jesus, what a rotten effort. Colors are terrible, typefaces are bad… there are precisely zero redeeming qualities in this thing. I’m trying to recall if there was some distracting¬†event that would have allowed me to think that this was an acceptable piece to put out into the world, but I’m drawing a blank. Maybe football season got in the way.