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The Beer Archives: Door County Brewing Silurian Stout, February 2015


SCIENCE! Silurian, you see, is the geologic period between the Ordovician and the Devonian. About 420 million years ago, give or take. Door County Brewing calls this beer “a tribute to the time when the Silurian Sea covered the Great Lakes region,” which I’m sure makes the era very proud.

As you may have guessed, I’m quite the dork about these things, so I made the design look like an old science textbook. Those fossils are accurate for the Silurian period, by the way. Impressed? No? I’m not surprised.


The Beer Archives: Whole Hog Raspberry Saison, May 2013


Wallonia, of course, is the French-speaking region of Belgium. If you’ve ever acted classy while drinking a Chimay, you’ve tasted Wallonia. My great-great-grandfather was most likely a Walloon. I like to trot that fun fact out at parties and watch the blank expressions roll in.

Whole Hog is a Point label, and they put out some decent brews. This design is in line with the work I do for my “real” job, which is creating information graphics for a cultural institution. It’s fine, though I don’t love the color scheme. I was trying to get the phrase, “If it’s Wallonian, it’s got to be good” out there in the culture, but it doesn’t seem to have caught on. Somebody fix that, would you?