The Beer Archives: Lakefront Extended Play, August 2014


So here’s how this works: There’s a new beer special each month. Printing of signs takes a handful of days, at least. This means that I need to have a design finished a good week or so out from the start of a new month. So if you notice a particularly half-assed design, it more than likely means that I was under the gun. And so it was with this guy here.

This piece was conceived, sketched, and designed in the span of about two hours on July 31, 2014.  I can’t remember why I was so behind the eight ball, but I vividly recall the frantic process by which this came to life. I consumed equal parts coffee and beer while sketching the thing up, then sucked down a gallon or so of iced coffee while hunched over my laptop at a nearby coffeeshop with decent wifi. There may have been other chemicals involved as well. It’s not good, but there is sort of a lunatic jittery quality that comes through. It still gives me the shakes.

Anyway. Sorry, Lakefront. Sorry, printing company. Sorry, everybody. It won’t happen again. (Yes it will.)


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