The Beer Archives: Bitter Woman, October 2010


Young graphic artists, take heed: you simply cannot call yourself a designer until you’ve ripped off Saul Bass a few times. This is stylistically swiped from that great man, and yet it remains a piece of which I am quite proud. After all, a good piece of thievery takes skill and effort, and this ain’t bad at all if I do say so myself.

Bitter Woman is one of Tyranena’s most popular beers, but I wanted to do something that didn’t resemble their labels… and something different from my usual retro nonsense. I put real time into this, and people dug it. I’m still pleased with it. Good colors, decent text, and a nice little tip o’ the hat to 1960s movie posters. That skull that appears in the silhouette is pretty obvious on a screen, but it was actually rather subtle in print. Those who caught it considered themselves quite observant and clever. As they were, of course.

I was so happy with this that I restrained myself from doing another Saul Bass ripoff for several years. Alas, I eventually went back to the well. Why the hell not? It’s not like I have any new ideas of my own…


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