The Beer Archives: Beer Tour, 2009


Beer tour! The idea is that you get a punch card to track all of the many and varied Wisconsin beers available at the bar. Between tap and bottles they’ve got over 150, so you’re not going to accomplish this in one sitting. Try them all and you get a trophy or a cookie or some damn thing. The bartenders hate trying to find the punch cards, but that’s their problem.

This launched sometime in 2009; I forget exactly when. It came together pretty well, actually. I was going for the feel of mid-century travel posters, and this gets there. Close enough, anyway. This design is a permanent fixture on a couple of the coolers behind the bar, and it’s netted me a few freelance jobs. “Who designed that?” someone will ask. “The barfly down at the end. He works for beer.” Sad but true.


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