The Booze Archives: 100,000 Old Fashioneds Sold, July 2008



That’s right, 100,000 brandy Old Fashioneds concocted over a span of, what, under three years? They’re up to 500,000 as of last year. Impressive, both in terms of the sheer number and the fact that someone is dutifully tracking these statistics.

For a momentous occasion such as this, I quite naturally decided to try something that evoked the moon landing. It’s a little too cartoony, I think, but it’s okay. The backdrop is a repetitive series of rocket ships, but it looks more like it’s raining in space. And space is pale green. Oh well.

(By the way, guess who drank the 100,000th Old Fashioned? That’s right, me. The service may have been rigged. Maybe.)


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